"Art Has Never Been Made While
Thinking Of Art."


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Be it metal fabrication, woodworking, ceramics, painting, illustrating or any other method of creation that I steer myself towards, each attempt to make something is an opportunity to explore, learn, grow and teach. My work always starts as a moment of confusion as I force myself to understand my subject, materials and self in a quest to drive forward this befuddling and beautiful thing called Art.


My process is driven by sculptural techniques such as welding, wood working, and casting. Being an artist reflects the responsibility of being an educated and reliable person; we never stop learning, we never stop changing, and we never stop growing. It is an embrace of an ever-evolving life that I apply to my work, my research and myself.

I believe working hard, being kind, sticking to your guns and encouraging others is the key to moving forward. So enjoy your surroundings, those who surround you and enjoy yourself.

Take a breath and love creativity, whatever that means to you.

-Danny Rohr


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Eastern IL University
Charleston, IL


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